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We Make Managing Data Easier

Your business communication process will be more effective with wireless data service from datasmart. For nationwide customers, we provide you with an efficient manner to transfer information from machine to machine. Rely on us for data exchange services that give you the advantage in your industry.

About M2M datasmart

M2M datasmart is a M2M Wireless Data Service provider that was built from the ground up as a single-source, end-to-end conduit that bridges the gap between mobile applications/devices and back-end systems. M2M datasmart's focus is as a data M2M Airtime service provider, providing nationwide wireless data connectivity for the M2M market. The M2M datasmart service is built upon commercially available wireless networks that offer the largest nationwide cellular coverage footprint in the United States.

Bridging the Gap

M2M datasmart managed wireless service is a one-stop shop for application/device providers seeking to deploy M2M wireless communication-based applications in either consumer or vertical markets. We exist to entirely bridge the gap between M2M data applications and wireless service providers, ensuring that ubiquitous M2M applications can be brought to market quickly and affordably. M2M datasmart will provide our customers with affordable bulk data pricing that charges only for the actual amount of data transmitted.

Value-Added Services

In combination with our strategic partners, M2M datasmart will offer critical value-added services, including end-to-end bulk provisioning and activation, supply chain logistics that match our customers' manufacturing strategies, and simple, defined network certification assistance.

M2M datasmart will be the enabler that moves machine-to-machine (M2M) initiatives from inspiration to implementation, from vision to value. We will be the single-source provider for the entire cellular network side of the M2M value chain. As an independent Wireless M2M Operator, M2M datasmart can offer a product mix and pricing that incumbent mobile operators cannot match.